(I imported a follow list to the wrong account, whee. You are probably looking for @joncamfield , who is also me.)

In digging through some ancient personal history, I found this:

Sep. 26th, 2010
So, like, a solid half of my flist has fled to DreamWidth while I was out busy replacing my blood supply with malbec. I understand it's some BS about LJ/FB interaction […] This is admittedly something I'd prefer to not happen, .[…] after spending a good chunk of time disaggregating my professional net identity from my [redacted] handle, I'd not like to see it undermined in one swift kick via facebook.

This is an experiment to be both more social, and less on "social media". I hope you join me - I'm ging waaaay out there and hosting my own server, but please check out joinmastodon.org/ on how you can create an account in a vast, mostly volunteer community of social sites, and use those to interact! If I actually know you, I hope to make this space more like my ancient LiveJournal and personal blog site than FB or Twitter ever was. Hope to see you soon.


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